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      Compostinghome was started with a view to provide a solution to assist households in achieving successful composting. This crucial activity which is often misunderstood, is not only good for the environment but will also improve your garden and save you money. Today more than ever we are looking for opportunities to make a difference and teach the younger generation about sustainability and the natural organic process.

      We have gathered information about the composting process and have enlisted the assistance of composting experts with decades of experience in the industry to help us provide solutions and answers to your questions.

      The products that we offer are from different suppliers in the market. We encourage companies that have a product which relates to organic recycling to contact us and we will place it on our site. We strongly encourage our customers to rate the products and thereby give fellow composters a better idea of which products are recommended for their intended use.

      We strive to keep home composters informed about best practices, incentives, government rebates, new products and services and anything else that is relevant to the goal of organic recycling in the home.