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      Worm Farming

      Worm Farming - Composting Home

      With so much attention focused on sustainability and saving the environment, people across the country are constantly finding ways to join the initiative. In terms of composting, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is through worm farming. Worm farms are some of the best and most cost effective ways to reduce the amount of organic waste that goes into your bin. It also helps you produce an unlimited supply of natural fertiliser, perfect for indoor and outdoor plants. It’s a great addition to your household and contributes to saving the environment!

      How does it Work?

      Worm farming is an easy and simple way of turning your food scraps and other organic waste matter into a nutrient and rich fertiliser called worm castings. To do this, you will need a specially-designed container, called a worm farm, which provides a suitable and habitable environment for the growth of worms that feed on organic matter. Worm farming also helps prevent adding more waste to landfills and contributes to environmental degradation.

      What are the Basics of Worm Farming?

      Setting up a worm farm is simple. Start by identifying where you’re going to set it up and then purchasing the necessary materials. Composting Home carries a variety of these products, so choosing one should be very easy. From there, you can start preparing the farm for worms by putting in a bed consisting of great quality soil, leaves, and some shredded paper. Once you have the worms in place, you can begin adding the scraps and organic waste material to feed them.

      Research about the process and make sure to follow it to a tee for optimum results. Harvest your worm liquid and castings regularly to improve soil quality around your property and fertilise plants. Browse through our extensive selection of worm farms and direct worm suppliers and get started on building your farm today!