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Microbes for pet waste

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Microbes for pet waste

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Every year, Australia dumps thousands of tonnes of dog and cat waste into landfill - and the rest of it goes into gutters and drains and into our waterways.

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Like all organic waste, animal droppings can be used as a resource as they contain nutrients that can be valuable to soils and gardens when recycled. These Microbes are a specific blend formulated for recycling animal waste into a resource for your garden that is made of natural beneficial microbes, minerals and absorbent materials. All the wastes organic material - including the nutrients are returned to the soil, minimising landfill, odour and insect infestation.

The natural beneficial microbes will breakdown the structure of the waste quickly and effectively as well as out-competing any disease carrying germs minimising their growth within the soil.

Microbes can also be:

  • Sprinkled on kitty litter to reduce odour and accelerate breakdown of waste
  • Spread on dog runs, kennels and bedding to reduce odour
  • Placed in the bottom of bird cages
  • Spread in poultry sheds
  1. Dig a small hole in the garden soil approximately 20 cm deep.
  2. Place pet waste into base of hole approximately 5 cm thick.
  3. On average, sprinkle a layer (approximately 75-100mls or 1/3 cup) of microbes over untreated waste, covering the entire surface area.
  4. Cover with more than 10 cm of soil.
  5. If the soil is dry, moisten area with water.
  6. This soil can be planted out within 10 - 14 days.
  7. Create layers in the same hole or dig a new hole as required.

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