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Earthmaker-The Aerobic Composter

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Earthmaker-The Aerobic Composter

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All home compost bins are not created equal - some are merely plastic covers for a pile of increasingly smelly waste on the ground.

The three-bins-in-one Earthmaker is better value because it is much easier to use and faster.

And its unique aerobic process reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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Earthmaker is eco-friendly, natural, organic and easy.
Reasons for disposing of food and garden waste in an Earthmaker include:

Reduces greehouse gas emissions 

Earthmaker’s unique aerobic process supports new waste material on shelves above the ground. Radiant heat absorbed by the black plastic top, and heat naturally generated by the decomposition process, draws air up through the ventilation holes under the material. Aeration is increased when material loosens as it spills from shelf to shelf.     
       Oxygen is needed for microbes to break down organic waste efficiently – so aerobic composting is faster! (Cheaper single bin composters are really covers for a pile of waste on the ground. If left, this waste will decompose anaerobically creating methane, leachate and rotten smells. These bins only work if the material is regularly lifted and turned.)

Easy to use

Earthmaker’s patented three-stage process uses traditional three-bin composting but stacked vertically so gravity does the hard work!
      Earthmaker’s continuous cycle process keeps new material away from older material. Food and garden waste can be added at any time. Mature much or compost can be removed when convenient. (Attempting to aerate material in a single bin units means mixing new waste with old which slows down the process.)
      The Earthmaker push-pull-tool makes it easy to mix and move material through the process without straining your back with heavy lifting and turning.

Faster process

Research at Garden Organic, an independent research institute in the UK, found that Earthmaker will make twice as much compost as traditional bins over the same period. As noted above, when composting is aerobic it is more efficient.  To see full report click here.
      Heat from the sun absorbed into the top chamber accelerates the process.


Why waste waste? Adding ‘earthmaking’ to your household routine will result in nutritious compost to enrich your land. The most reliable compost is produced when you are in charge of the ingredients. Centralised composting plants have trouble keeping contaminated material out.
Go green with ease. Processing food and garden waste in the most eco-friendly way is easy with Earthmaker.

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