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      Welcome to Compostinghome

      The Home of Organic Recycling

      Improve your home waste management efforts by getting useful information from Compostinghome. We are your partner in keeping your home clean while making your waste useful. You can find composting information, guides, tips and ideas on our website to help you maintain a healthy home environment. We take pride in providing our customers with quality products like composters, compost tumblers and additives..

      Organic Waste Management Solution

      Composting is one of the oldest natural agricultural practices to return essential nutrients into the soil. You don’t have to run a large scale composting production process to do this. You can perform this even in the comfort of your home. We will provide you the knowledge and the products to achieve successful home composting.

      What's In It for You?

      Composting, if done correctly, will give you many benefits.

      These include:
      • Improving Your Garden. Turning your kitchen waste into rich organic fertiliser. Our composters will make home composting easier for you. Just follow the guides and tips provided on our website. Compost contains high level of nutrients and minerals needed by your plants and can bring life and nourishment to your garden.
      • Benefits the Environment. Instead of burning or throwing your waste into the bin, put it in a kitchen composter. Spray Liquid Bokashi into the mixture and let it decompose for a specific period.
      • Saves you money by producing organic compost in your own backyard. You don’t have to buy chemical fertilisers anymore. You can reduce your household waste while making your garden plants healthier. It's time to go green. Compostinghome provides composting solutions and products at reasonable prices for successful, easy and fuss free home composting.