The Secrets to Succesful Indoor Composting

Making a heap of nutrient-filled compost indoors is possible. With the growing restrictions on liveable space especially in urban areas, families have more reasons to create compost within the confines of their home. Fortunately, any person can master the art of indoor composting with the right materials and a good handle on the process.

Take a look at the following measures you can try to jumpstart your indoor composting practice:

Blend Your Food Scraps

A pile of indoor compost is typically made from food waste. You can make the composting process faster by breaking food scraps into tinier pieces. Use the blender to break them down more efficiently. Remember to throw the soft ones only, as hard or solid refuse like pits and seeds can get stuck in the blender.

Distribute the Moisture

You do not want your pile to be incompletely oxygenated, which makes the compost lacking in nutrients. After blending the food waste together, make sure to add dry ingredients like cereals and stale crackers to the mix. This will help distribute moisture and eliminate the smell. Materials with content like leaves, papers, or coffee grounds aid in the composting process as well.

Add Grass Clippings to Pile

You need an activator to get the composting process started. Others usually use a compost activator to do this. If a compost activator is out of your budget, you can simply add grass clippings or any other plant material.

Move the Compost Content Around

It helps to mix the compost content, as this increases microbial action and distribute the warmth all around the pile. You can use our compost mixer or tumbler to save time and effort.

Indoor composting may seem challenging at first, but when you know the secrets behind successful composting, you can make the most of the experience. Here at Compostinghome, we understand what it takes to make good compost. As the premier source of compost essential, we make sure you will get the best brands and materials from us.

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